Thursday, 29 September 2016

Today is World Healthy Heart Day

here are few suggestion to keep your hear healthier.
1.Stay Active: along with our day to day work we must do some regular walk to keep our heart healthy.
2.Eat Right:Right portion and right quality of food is basic to heart health.Our diet must include food cooked in minimal oil,whole grains and fruits and salad.
3.Be happy:last but not the least is act of being happy can reduce stress and control blood pressure.Spending time with loved ones,developing a positive outlook on life, and laughing heartily are some of the small steps towards healthier heart.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Protect yourself from Chikungunya and Viral Fever.

Chikungunya and Viral fever both has taken many a people into their grip.You can protect yourself by following these Ayurvedic tips:
1.Avoid exposure to cold food items and Air Conditioner.
2.Take light,warm,nutritive and easily digestible foods.
3.Take home made fresh food,drink plenty of fluids( not cold)
4.Maintain personal and environmental hygiene.
5.take every possible care to protect from mosquitoes.
6. one litre of water boiled with 10-15 tulsi leaves and 2 tsp coriander seeds for ten minutes and cooled to room temperature may be consumed at an interval of 3-4 hrs in a day.