Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Making or breaking of new year resolution.

All of us have said good bye to 2015 with grand celebrations, parties and fun and have already geared up our life with new sets of resolution with the dawn of new year,2016.Fitness and wt. loss is pretty much a good resolution in the mind of so many people.But it was seen that,in no time, all the resolution wither away within few days of its making.This happens when our weakness towards something like alcohol,party,food etc. overwhelm our mind.but, Dear friends there is solution to every problem.Giving a direction to our resolution and to achieve the goal we must work on that continuously by involving ourselves happily and mindfully.To start with, say for an example ,rather than making big goals of losing 10 kgs in a year,we should break the goal into small targets of concentrating on food habits like eliminating junk foods from the diet for 2-3 months or so,taking some sort of easiest doable and interesting activities like dancing,walking or yoga on a regular basis.And once we have achieved this small target we must reward ourselves positively to keep us going in the same track. Rewarding after each achievement with something which you are eyeing since long will fill you with great satisfaction and encourage you to climb up to next ladder towards your goal.but reward must not destroy,what you achieved with great efforts.For example,if you have lost 3 kgs by excluding junk from the diet,then don't indulge yourself in eating junks a whole day as a reward to yourself.
Apply this and see your dreams coming true.Good luck