Wednesday, 16 April 2014

"skipping dinner for wt. loss"--you are doing an injustice to your health

Human body is like a machine which works 24 hrs even when on rest. Fueling this body is essential.skipping dinner is not a solution to wt. loss.By doing this you are going to develop hunger pangs,increasing temptation to sweets,acidity,blackouts and many more.Its always better to have small and healthy meal at night as early as possible and stay awake for atleast for 2 hrs post that.The longer you are awake,the more your body will be able to burn calories. Large and heavy meals at night overloads your digestive system,thereby not getting proper rest through the night. As a result your body goes slow physically and mentally the next day.

so,having early, light and healthy dinner is a key to achieve wt. loss without compromising your health.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Don't loose your mind over weight

Do you find loosing weight a tough task?

We have made it so simple just follow the tips.
1.Whenever you are stepping out of the house carry 2 fruits and a bottle of water with you so that you don’t end up eating a fast food snack or having a soda because you are thirsty or hungry.If time permits make a sandwich from whole wheat bread and carry it with you.
2. Always eat your breakfast within 2 hours of waking up so that it can boost your metabolism and provide you energy. 
3.replace one of your white grain with whole grain.
4. early and light dinner.