Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Get thet winter glow

Beetroot  is one of the  healthiest  root vegetables. when consumed, carotenoids present in them boost skin health and help it to glow.The best way to achieve maximum nutrition is to eat them raw in salad or in juice.

The idea of cooking them is no less in taste and nutrition.This soulful recipe given below will definitely
trickle your taste buds. And you will not feel that sharp and earthy taste of beetroot also.

Beetroot salad.

2 small beet root ( peeled and cut into small cubes)
50 g scrambled cottage cheese
1 tbsp  mustard sauce
salt to taste
lime juice 1 tsp


steam beet roots. Take a small bowl add mustard sauce,lime juice and mix well.Take a large bowl put steamed beet root cubes pour in mustard lime mix. Add salt and mix them well. garnish with scrambled cottage cheese and serve.