Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Quick weight loss tips to get party ready

Its party time-Christmas and then new year. All of us want to flaunt our slinky party dresses and must be looking for some quick weight loss tips at this last minute call.Here is our easy and quick wt. loss guide to help you ease out.
1.Cut on your portion.fill up your mid meal times with fruits,yoghurts or salads.
2.Forget about winter chills,you must sweat out so burn your calories with sort of vigorous exercise.
3.Cut down on carbs-eat lean meats,sprouts,salad,eggs.
4.High protein and high fibre diet will keep you full for long.
5.sip some warm herbal tea/green tea/hot black coffee after meal to boost your metabolism.
6.skipping meal is not a good idea.Work on your meal timings.Try to shorten your eating window from 12 hours to 9-10 hours
7.Get a good breakfast of whole cereal and protein which will keep you active throughout your day.
8.Get a good night sleep to beat the stress out.
9. Drink sufficient warm water to debloat your body.
10. Eat small healthy meals,exercise and dance for quick weight loss.