Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How to deal with Migraine naturally

There may be one or many underlying causes for your migraine.It may be weather condition,high humidity,strong smell of perfume,flickering or bright light,sunny days and stress.
things that you must do to keep migraine at bay
1. do not skip meals
2.take proper sleep. get a break from mobile and laptops.
3.Cut down on stress.Meditate or do light exercise.
4.don't use headphone if you are sensitive to noise.
5.Avoid tea /coffee,chocolates and cheese.
6. Chinese food containing soya sauce, MSG
7.Avoid food that cause bloating or gas such as black lentils,red kidney beans and junk foods
8. avoid oily and spicy foods
9. cut down on alcohols
10.consume diet high in fibre and anti -oxidants.