Thursday, 27 July 2017

Eating sugary food tend to increase your craving for more sugar.

An attempt to eat a small piece of sweet,increases our craving for more sweets.This is then converted into a cycle of eating more and more sugar, adding empty calories to our body and destroying our efforts for wt. loss.But, this phenomena is natural and biochemically triggered.When we eat a small piece of sugary food like a bite of chocolate or ice-cream or anything else,it triggers a neuro-chemical change in our brain releasing serotonin,a hormone associated with relax and feel good.Increase level of serotonin keep you craving for sweets.
The best way to treat ourselves is to indulge in healthy sweet treats like naturally sweetened yogurt with a slice of fruit such as mango,few dry roasted almond with a cube of dark chocolate or a small piece of jaggery.