Wednesday, 24 February 2016

How to build up immunity with seasonal changes?

 Our body is strongly influenced by our living environment and this is especially true with seasonal changes.We are now slowly entering into the beautiful spring season.With the onset of this season, dry wind flows during the days affecting our skin and lungs being in direct contact with the environment causing symptoms such as hay fever, dry skin, rashes, itchiness, asthma, and/or common colds.So our immunity must be strong to fight against all the seasonal changes.To empower our immune system during springs our diet must include cooling and moistening foods: pears, green leafy vegetables, lemon (not if you have reflux), honey, mushrooms, lotus seeds, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, eggplant.Avoid doing physical activities in very strong windy conditions.Avoid eating foods that are hot and spicy in nature such as: chilli, lamb, ginger, shell fish and deep-fried foods.