Wednesday, 5 March 2014

OLD IS GOLD- you will agree.....

Hair fall is a common problem now a day. Reasons are many. One of the reasons may be the shampoo you are using. The shampoo that we are using now a day contains harmful chemicals that bring this problem. Here we are coming up with substitute for shampoo which is natural, harmless and easy to use. These are nothing but the ways used before by our grandma.

  1. To get rid of dandruff and oily hair put a handfull of marigold flower ( fresh or dried) in 3 cups of hot water and allow it to stand for an hour. Strain and Use this water to rinse your hair.
  2. For healthy hair, soak a cup of yellow moong dal overnight  and blend it. Apply this smooth paste to your entire scalp thoroughly and leave it for 30 mins and then wash with plain water.