Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Exploring health to get fitter.

On your way to fitness, you must be exploring a lot of things and getting confused which one is good for you and which is not.Things must be getting complicated too.One must go easy with health and try things which suits your lifestyle.One should start with simple changes and should look for, to get more energy and better start next day also.Healthy lifestyle is not a goal to be achieved,but something to be lived with forever.

Here are  the simple steps for a fitter you
1.Exercise /walk- choose which could be done on a daily basis.
2. When it comes to food to gobble, check for healthy option always.
3.Don't give a miss to oil and fats altogether. you need it. 
4.Concentrate on your meals while eating. stay away from gadgets.
5. While sleeping keep your gadgets away. when wake up try something which soothes your eyesight. may it be greenery.
6.Health is also to stay relax .