Friday, 22 April 2016

Your coffee habit, not coffee-bad for your health

Coffee being in controversy whether good or bad is constantly plaguing the mind of coffee lovers.
coffee when taken in right way,can actually help you on your way to good health.Few things to be avoided.
1. Don't drink coffee with your meals.Have it an hour after lunch,when you feel sleepy
2.Don't drink coffee after may discomfort while sleeping. must know how much how much coffee you are consuming in a day.more than 400mg of caffeine can lead to upset stomach,irritability and insomnia.
4. Most of the people have a habit of drinking coffee to wake up from sleep.After a good sleep our cortisol levels are high for atleast 2 hours after waking up and dont need anything for alertness.
5. Real benefit of coffee can be relished if you drink it without sugar and milk or add plant based milk like almond milk,soy milk or coconut milk.