Thursday, 18 December 2014

Ways to keep off weighty winters

With the wintery chills all of us plan for holidays,parties that describes the spirit of winter.At the same time we panic to step on the weighing scale to see the weight we put on.Winter develops a tendency of gorging on yummy comfort food and some people find it very difficult to we have come up with the ways which will help you to enjoy your winter holidays and keep your wt. going down as well.
1.If you are fond of paranthas,then have your paranthas but with out oil with some green chutney or ginger tea
2.replace your peanut chikki with channa chikki which is more filling and less of calorie than peanuts
3.have homemade vegetable or chicken soup instead of packed cornflour varieties
4.stick to almond and walnuts and avoid high calorie pistachios,cashew etc.
5.steamed /roasted popcorn without butter is still a healthier snack than having any fried one. beat the chilly winters most of us drink couple of tea and coffees,which really dehydrates us a lot.Its better to have anti-oxidant rich green tea which also don't add any calorie to your body too.
7.have a glass of water before your meal,allowing your brain to register fullness
8.last but not the least go for a day walk after lunch because getting sunlight is crucial to beat the winter will do wonders to your energy levels and weight.