Thursday, 4 April 2019


Healthy navratra fasting recipe
The practise of fasting is not just a ritual to follow but also a good time to detox your body if done properly.Fasting cleanse our body,removes toxins and keep us energised.
Papaya cutlet :serve-4
Grated raw papaya- 2 cups
Mashed boiled potato- 1/2 cup
Chopped coriander leaves- 1 spoon
Crushed ginger-1 big piece
Green chilli- 1-2
Salt- to taste
Olive oil- 1-2 tsp
Method- Mix raw papaya, coriander, ginger, and green chilli in a bowl.Mix potato and papaya mixture. Add salt to it. make round patties and flatten them in between your palms and give them cutlet shape. Roast on a non stick tawa. Serve it hot with some green chutney or tomato chutney.