Thursday, 27 December 2018

What should we eat before party ?

Everyone is now in full mood to party out for the new year to come but wondering how to keep wt. in check. here are few tips which will help you to keep you away from eating more at the party.
The best way is to take precaution before going to the party so that you will have less indulgence with food. If we eat something before going to the party then we won't feel that hungry and at the same time can enjoy the party too. So what one should eat before party ?
So you can prefer a bowl of veg soup or yogurt with fruits or
sprouts or grilled pineapple to fill up your stomach before party. Yogurt helps line the stomach and prevent you from eating all that is served and so you will cheat less.
** Very soon we will be updating what should you eat after party to crush the hangover !
Wish you all A very Happy New Year !!