Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Its the season of gourds.Lets make something interesting out of it.
Recipe of bottle gourd and brinjal roundels: serve for 2
Bottle-gourd medium-1/2
Brinjal round-1 medium
oil 1 tbsp
gram flour-2 tbsp
2 cloves crushed garlic
chaat masala to taste
Wash the brinjal and bottle gourd thorougly. Peel the bottle gourd. Chop the vegetables into roundels and keep aside dipped in water.Spread a thick layer of gram flour in a saucer or tray.Heat the non stick pan and smear it with mustard or olive oil.Take 2 pieces each of brinjal and bottle gourd.Shake away extra water and smear them in gram flour from both sides.Place carefully in the non-stick pan.Roast from both sides till brown with the help of a spatula.Serve hot with green chutney after sprinkling chaat masala and salt over the roundels.

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